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March 29, 2012


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Today marks the first six months I’ve been in this position. Since it’s a one-year internship, that also means I’ve got six months left until it ends. It’s been a great experience so far, and I’d ideally like to be hired on as an actual employee when my internship is up. It looks like there’s some chance of that happening, but it’s still up in the air, and if it’s going to happen the process needs to start pretty soon. I’m taking off the next week to go to Philadelphia and New Jersey, and hopefully I should know when I get back whether staying on is a possibility.

If it isn’t, and really even if it is, I’m going to have to start furiously applying to jobs again. I’ve been monitoring job posting sites for a while now, and I’ve begun sending out a few applications, but especially for federal jobs the lead time is such that to have something lined up in six months I have to start applying in earnest now. There have been a few interesting jobs I’ve seen, and hopefully more will start to be posted in the next few weeks.

Overall, I’ve enjoyed my time in Alaska so far, and it should only get better when summer comes and I’ll start going out to parks. Even if I only get the one year here, it will definitely be a memorable one.


October 25, 2011

Alaska Is Great

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I keep meaning to write some more substantial posts here, and I have some ideas for things I want to talk about, but I have not yet been able to find the time or initiative to do so.  I did make it to Anchorage fine, though not without a bit of car trouble on the way (one of the things I’ve been meaning to do a longer post on), and I’m liking my internship a lot.  It’s really interesting work in a pleasant setting.  It does take up a lot of my time, obviously, which is partly why I haven’t been blogging much lately.  Anyway, things are going well, and I’ll get around to posting more at some point.

June 19, 2006

First Day

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I had my first day of work today; actually, it wasn’t so much a day of work as a brief orientation. They explained how the internship works and gave us a tour, then introduced us to our supervisors to arrange our schedules (it’s only 10 hours a week). Mine is a mixture of mornings and afternoons, which suits me just fine.

The building is beautiful. It’s a converted nineteenth-century mansion with all the decoration and elaborate architecture that implies. Due to its age, however, it has mice, and they were very clear that food should stay in the kitchen and conference room, not the offices.

All in all it went well, and I think I’ll enjoy the experience.

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