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December 31, 2014

Cities Post 2014

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Once again a year has gone by, and it’s time for my annual list of cities I’ve visited this year. As in previous years, this only includes cities where I spent at least one night, and each city is only listed once, in the order that I first visited it. “City” is defined broadly to include some very small communities, but not actually rural areas. With that in mind, here we go:

  • Anchorage, AK
  • Juneau, AK
  • Fairbanks, AK
  • Noorvik, AK
  • Nome, AK
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Bethel, AK
  • Aniak, AK
  • Glennallen, AK
  • McCarthy, AK
  • Albuquerque, NM
  • Sitka, AK
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Unalakleet, AK
  • Flagstaff, AZ

As in past years, the exclusion of day trips makes this list slightly incomplete, but less so this year since I did fewer day tripsĀ and many were to places where I spent the night on other trips. Overall it’s a pretty good picture of my life these days.


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