Sunlit Water

October 24, 2012


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On Sunday I went over to this place (warning: link has barnyard animal sounds) and bought a bed. I had been sleeping in a sleeping bag for the few weeks since I moved into my new place, because I needed to build up some money at the new job and I had other things on my mind that I had to take care of before starting to buy furniture. I had done this before when moving into my apartment in New Jersey, but not for as long. This time I was definitely ready for a bed by the time I got one.

I had noticed Mattress Ranch before, since it’s just right around the corner from my new apartment, but I hadn’t gone in before Sunday. It’s pretty much like a regular mattress store except that both the inside and outside are decorated with ridiculous farm animal illustrations in a style similar to that of their website. They have plastic cows sort of scattered around the place, but most of the decorations are just on the walls. Anyway, the mattresses are quite nice, and pretty cheap. Some of the cheaper ones come rolled up, which was super-convenient for my purposes since it meant I could get one and move it into my apartment by myself, which I did. They also sell these “platforms,” which are sort of super-simple bedframes that also take the place of box springs, so I got one of those too. The bed is quite comfortable, and getting it in was remarkably easy compared to what I remember of acquiring and moving beds in the past.


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