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June 28, 2012

Alaska Is Full Of Jobs

Filed under: Job Search — by teofilo @ 6:08 pm

I’ve been liking my position at the Park Service, and for a while I was trying to find ways to get hired on into a real job when my internship ends, but while at one point it looked like there was a good chance of that happening it now looks pretty unlikely. I’ve therefore begun looking for other jobs. At first I was mostly looking at federal jobs all over, but due to budget constraints and other issues there aren’t a whole lot of those in my field. I was feeling fairly frustrated for a while and not very motivated about the whole job search.

Then I thought about it some more, and decided I would really prefer to stay in Alaska and that I’m not actually all that wedded to the idea of a federal job. Once I started looking at private sector jobs and those at other levels of government, it became apparent that there are actually tons of jobs in my field (broadly construed) in Alaska, which is doing much better economically than most other parts of the country. There are construction and infrastructure projects going on all over the state, and along with them a need for planning and environmental compliance. So I started applying for jobs with private firms, local governments, and various other types of employers, and just in the few weeks that I’ve started doing this I’ve gotten three interviews, one of which is tomorrow morning. The nice thing about these, in addition to the fact that they are totally unexpected and for jobs that I thought might be kind of a stretch for my qualifications, is that I still have a couple months before my position ends and I really need to find something, so I’m not in any rush and the interviews are pretty low-pressure from my perspective.

So, yeah. I like Alaska for a bunch of reasons, but the fact that there are so many jobs available, many of which I even seem to qualify for, is a big one.


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