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August 23, 2011

Big News

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So obviously I didn’t end up chronicling my cross-country road trip either here or on any other blog.  I did make it to Albuquerque, though, and saw a lot of stuff along the way.  Being in Albuquerque again is interesting in some ways, and I’m glad I have the ability to stay here with my mom for a while, but it’s not really a place I would want to stay permanently.

Luckily, however, I don’t have to.  Soon after I arrived here, I finally heard back from an SCA internship I had applied to back at the beginning of July.  They interviewed me and then offered me the position, and I took it.  It’s with the Alaska Regional Office of the National Park Service in Anchorage, and specifically with their planning division, so it’s actually a planning position (a rare thing among SCA internships).  This is exactly the kind of work I want to do, and this position will give me some great experience to use as a stepping-stone to a permanent position afterward.  The position itself is for a year, starting in mid-September.  It pays a stipend and provides housing and health insurance, so it’s really ideal for my purposes.  I’m very excited about this opportunity.

I’ll be in Albuquerque until September 13, when I leave to drive up to Anchorage.  I figured I should have a car up there, especially since I do in fact have a car and would have to figure out what to do with it if I didn’t bring it.  I hear Anchorage is the sort of city where it’s really best to have a car, and it would also mean I could take all my stuff with me instead of having to ship it, which I’m sure would be extremely expensive.  The easiest (though probably not the cheapest) way to go is on the ferry, so my plan is to drive from Albuquerque to Bellingham, Washington (where we happen to have some good family friends I could stay with), then take the ferry from Bellingham to Haines and drive up through Canada from Haines to Anchorage.  There is a ferry that goes across the Gulf of Alaska almost to Anchorage, but it’s all booked up for vehicles through at least the end of September, so only going as far as Haines and then driving seems like the best way to go.  It should be quite the adventure.

So anyway, things are going great for me right now.


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