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May 9, 2011

Gary Johnson Is Running For President?

Filed under: Politics — by teofilo @ 12:37 am

So it would seem.  He probably would be a better choice than most of the other Republicans running at this point, but if Ron Paul is in the race I don’t see how Johnson can really distinguish himself.  His base of support, such as it is, likely overlaps almost exactly with Paul’s, especially in a Republican primary.  What distinguishes him from Paul, despite their similar libertarian ideologies, is that he actually does have executive experience as governor, and his tenure was notable for showing that unlike virtually all other Republicans, he actually is serious about keeping government spending as well as taxes low.  He was notorious for vetoing bills left and right, with the result that when he left office the state actually had a small budget surplus (which Bill Richardson immediately pissed away on tax cuts and other pet projects to boost his own national political profile).  He was also involved in some shady deals regarding state contracting, including the widening of NM 44 to four lanes, which also involved renaming it US 550.  The contract for the paving work was awarded to Koch Industries (yes, that Koch Industries) despite the fact that the company had never done a road-paving project before.  He was an okay governor, I guess, at least for a Republican, and he takes his libertarianism sufficiently seriously that he has staked out controversial positions within the party on drug policy and civil liberties, all of which is to his credit, but I can’t see him as anything remotely like a plausible presidential candidate.


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