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September 27, 2010

Still Not Liking Insurance Companies

Filed under: Personal — by teofilo @ 2:45 pm

I renewed a prescription via the Walgreens website the other day.  Today I got a call from them telling me that my insurance had expired and wondering if I’d gotten a new card, which reminded me that I had in fact gotten something in the mail from Aetna today that could well have been my new insurance card.  So, still on the phone with Walgreens, I went and opened the letter from Aetna, and sure enough there was a new card in there.  Great!  So the woman on the phone asked me for the “BIN number” on the card, and there wasn’t one.  I checked my old card, and there was a BIN number there.  The card also said “RX” on it, which the new one did not.  Perturbed, I looked at the letter that came with the new card and saw that it was only for the supplemental insurance that all students get automatically, and that I apparently had not renewed the more important primary insurance that I had last year, which includes prescription drug coverage.  The enrollment period had not expired, so I could still sign up, but for this particular prescription I would have to just pay out of pocket.  So I paid the $129 (as opposed to the $10 I would have paid if I’d had the insurance) and went straight to the Aetna website to sign up for the full insurance.  The coverage period began September 1, so I should hopefully be able to get my money back for this prescription, but I also had to pay the premium for this semester, which leaves me with considerably less money than I was expecting to have.  Indeed, the next thing I did was write a check to myself from my New Mexico bank account and deposit it in my New Jersey account to make sure I had enough money to cover rent, which is due in a few days.  It’ll all work out, but man, what a pain.


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