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September 29, 2010

I Guess I Can Also Use This Blog To Note Personal Milestones

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Not that turning 26 is a milestone, exactly, but it’s something.  Anyway, happy birthday to me.


September 27, 2010

Still Not Liking Insurance Companies

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I renewed a prescription via the Walgreens website the other day.  Today I got a call from them telling me that my insurance had expired and wondering if I’d gotten a new card, which reminded me that I had in fact gotten something in the mail from Aetna today that could well have been my new insurance card.  So, still on the phone with Walgreens, I went and opened the letter from Aetna, and sure enough there was a new card in there.  Great!  So the woman on the phone asked me for the “BIN number” on the card, and there wasn’t one.  I checked my old card, and there was a BIN number there.  The card also said “RX” on it, which the new one did not.  Perturbed, I looked at the letter that came with the new card and saw that it was only for the supplemental insurance that all students get automatically, and that I apparently had not renewed the more important primary insurance that I had last year, which includes prescription drug coverage.  The enrollment period had not expired, so I could still sign up, but for this particular prescription I would have to just pay out of pocket.  So I paid the $129 (as opposed to the $10 I would have paid if I’d had the insurance) and went straight to the Aetna website to sign up for the full insurance.  The coverage period began September 1, so I should hopefully be able to get my money back for this prescription, but I also had to pay the premium for this semester, which leaves me with considerably less money than I was expecting to have.  Indeed, the next thing I did was write a check to myself from my New Mexico bank account and deposit it in my New Jersey account to make sure I had enough money to cover rent, which is due in a few days.  It’ll all work out, but man, what a pain.

September 17, 2010

I Guess This Is The Best Blog To Use For Rants

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My internet service went down on Monday.  At first I didn’t really mind, because I had a lot of reading to do and not having internet was a good way to get me to do it.  My roommate was more concerned, though, and pressed me on the issue until that night I called the Cablevision customer service line.  They have an interesting automated system for dealing with internet connection problems; it’s basically a recorded voice that talks you through cycling the power to the modem.  So I tried that, but it didn’t work, so I pressed the button to talk to a person and proceeded to wait on hold for a considerable period of time.  When someone finally answered, I explained the problem and he had me try a couple more things to fix it, then when that didn’t work he arranged for someone to come out the next day to look at it.  I scheduled the appointment for Tuesday between 11 and 2 because I don’t have classes on Tuesday and could be around all day.

So, Tuesday comes, and I sit around from 11 to 2 without anyone showing up.  I finally call the customer service number again, and it tells me I have an upcoming appointment for Wednesday between 11 and 2.  I have a class on Wednesday at 1:10, so this is problematic on top of the fact that I specifically made the appointment for Tuesday and it seemed to have somehow gotten changed to the wrong day.  So I called the number again and spoke to a guy who was very nice but couldn’t really do anything about it except maybe reschedule the appointment.  Obviously it was too late to make it sooner, so I just stuck with the Wednesday time and arranged for my roommate to be around after I had to go to class.

On Wednesday, the repair guy showed up about 11:30 and fixed the problem pretty quickly.  I didn’t quite catch exactly what he said the problem was, but it was something along the lines of some guys having worked on the line and forgotten to hook our connection back up.  So, thinking this was all done, I went to class.  When I came back in the evening, however, the connection was down again, in exactly the same way (judging from the lights on the modem.  So I called the customer service number yet again and made an appointment for the next day, between 11 and 2, even though I had class at 1:10 again, just because it was the soonest time available.  I figured maybe my roommate could cover for me again, but as it turned out he couldn’t.  I probably should have just rescheduled the appointment then, but I figured maybe the guy would come early in the period when I could be around.

So I waited around on Thursday until 12:30, when I called again to reschedule for today since no one had shown up yet and I had to go.  Finally, the guy arrived today right at 11 and fixed the thing pretty fast.  He said that apparently after the previous guy had hooked up the line again someone else had come by and not only unhooked it but actually cut the wire.  There was also a mysterious additional service call on the account record from Wednesday, in addition to the one I made.  He said if something like this happened again I should check with the other people in the building to see if someone had asked for a disconnection or something, the idea being that maybe the guy who did the disconnection cut the wrong wire.  It was all very strange and frustrating, and I’m no longer as impressed with Cablevision as I was at first, but at least it seems to be over now.

September 10, 2010

Maybe I Should Try Posting Here More Than Once A Month

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I don’t really have much to say, though.  School is going well.  I just started the second year of this two-year program, so I’ll be looking for jobs soon.  I’m pretty ready to be done with school, but it’s a bit nerve-wracking to realize that I have literally no idea what I’ll be doing or where I’ll be living a year from now.  So for now I’m just enjoying being in school for a while and taking advantage of the opportunities available to me in this setting that won’t necessarily be there once I go out into the working world.

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