Sunlit Water

November 25, 2009


Filed under: Academia,Job Search,Personal — by teofilo @ 2:04 pm

I had a job interview today (for this job).  It went okay, but I doubt I’ll get the job.  I probably wouldn’t have been the best fit for the job anyway.  I mostly just applied for it because I was so desperate for a job, and it’s not particularly closely related to my background or interests.  It also seems like the project is not yet clearly defined, so it’s not quite clear what sort of skills are going to be most important for the position.  Probably not my skills, though.

It’s kind of frustrating the way these jobs all seem to expect substantial relevant background and skills.  That’s the kind of stuff I came to grad school to learn.  It really puts people like me at a disadvantage relative to people who come in with a lot of related experience.  Which makes sense from the perspective of the people doing the hiring, of course, but it’s still frustrating.

I did see another position advertised right after I got out of the interview.  It looks a lot more like the kind of thing I’m interested in, so I applied for it.  No idea how likely it is that I’ll get it, but here’s hoping.


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