Sunlit Water

October 4, 2009

One Down

Filed under: Personal — by teofilo @ 1:18 am

Well, I finally got through to PSE&G to ask why I never got any sort of follow-up after signing up on their website.  I’ve tried to call several times but always ended up getting put on hold forever, so I figured I’d have a better chance if I called late at night.  It worked, but I was still put on hold for five minutes before I got to speak with someone.  Makes me wonder how many people are calling the electric company at 1:00 am on a Sunday, but whatever.  The guy was very helpful and confirmed that my name was on the account, although he didn’t have any explanation for why I hadn’t heard anything or gotten any bills.  He said the September bill had been generated, and that he would send me a duplicate copy since I don’t seem to have received it.  So here’s hoping it comes.

Assuming it does, that takes care of the most crucial of my various problems settling in.  Now I just need to tackle voter registration and health insurance.

Update: Turns out Aetna has a convenient online form for submitting questions to customer service, and “request insurance card” is one of the predefined categories.  So I’ve taken care of that one too.


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