Sunlit Water

February 27, 2009

Day Ten

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I left St. George in the morning and headed south through the northwest corner of the Arizona Strip and into Nevada.  My first stop was the Lost City Museum in Overton, which contains the artifacts recovered from the many sites excavated in advance of the inundation of the lower Virgin and Moapa Valleys by Lake Mead.  This was one of the very earliest salvage archaeology projects, and the museum actually dates to the same time (again, all New Deal work).  It’s been substantially updated, however, and is very nice and thorough.

From the museum I went to the nearby Valley of Fire State Park.  This, the oldest state park in Nevada, is an area of red sandstone formations similar to those in southern Utah and northern Arizona.  It’s pretty cool just for the geology and scenery, but it also has a considerable amount of rock art, some dating back to the Archaic period.  The park gets a lot of visitation, and there were quite a few people there today, so not everything has held up well over time, but there are some particularly secluded panels such as the ones at Atlatl Rock that have withstood the ravages of time and tourism quite well.  The visitor center is interesting but seems to be in the process of being renovated, so it was a little disorganized.

From the park I continued southwest to Las Vegas, where I drove around for a while, exploring, then got a room at a Motel 6 just off of the Strip.  I got this room for two nights; there’s quite a bit of stuff I’d like to see in this area, but it’s all actually pretty low-priority and I may just take the opportunity to relax a bit.


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