Sunlit Water

February 26, 2009

Day Nine

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I took a few more pictures of Kanab this morning, then headed south into the Arizona Strip, through Fredonia and on to Pipe Spring National Monument.  This is one of the more obscure Park Service units, but it’s a pretty interesting place.  It’s a fortified ranch house built on top of a spring and used by the Mormon church in the nineteenth century to collect tithes of livestock.  The monument is surrounded by the Kaibab Paiute Indian Reservation, and the visitor center is actually on the reservation and is operated jointly by the Park Service and the tribe.  As a result, the (very nice) museum has a strong tendency to present things from the Paiute perspective, which is sometimes at odds with the Mormon perspective.  It leads to an interesting and, I think, pretty balanced account.

From Pipe Spring I continued west through Colorado City and back into Utah.  When I got to Hurricane, I realized that this was a different world from the places I’d been in the past few days.  There was sprawling development everywhere, and it continued all the way into St. George, which is where I stopped and got a motel room.  It was a bit overwhelming to see so many people and so much wealth after spending so long in the sticks.

I doubt I’ll do a whole lot in St. George, though I may take some pictures.  I think I need a break and a chance to relax a little.


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