Sunlit Water

December 21, 2008


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Astute readers of this blog, assuming there are any readers of this blog left, may have noticed that I haven’t said a whole lot about my experiences at Chaco.  This is partly because I’ve been very busy, which was particularly the case when I first got here and had to learn the ropes, but it’s also because I’ve been thinking over a new way to structure my blogging.  Basically, I’m going to shift toward using this site mostly for personal and political stuff, and put my longer essay-ish posts on separate blogs devoted to particular subjects.  This is similar to what I did with the 1692 blog, but not quite as regimented a project as that.  I’d like to expand to a readership composed less of my immediate friends, and I don’t think this blog is the place to do that.

Thus, let me introduce Gambler’s House.  I’ll be using it for all of my thoughts about Chaco, which will mostly be in the form of longer posts, perhaps not very frequent, and typically addressing the things I’ve been reading and thinking about while I’m here.  It’s still a bit of a work in progress, and I’ll be adding links and other things to it for a while, but since today is the solstice it seemed like a good time to unveil it.  Feel free to stop by, have a look around, and let me know what you think.


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