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February 7, 2008

Changing Plans

Filed under: Job Search,Personal — by teofilo @ 5:13 pm

So I’ve decided that it doesn’t actually make much sense to try to get a new job just now.  Instead, I think I’ll stick with this job for a few more months then do some of the fun young-person stuff that I haven’t really taken the time for since I graduated, then maybe look for a new job to have while I apply to grad schools.  It turns out that instead of renewing my lease (which expires at the end of this month) for another six months I can go month-to-month for slightly higher rent, so I think that’s what I’ll do.  That’ll give me a lot more flexibility in how long I stay here.

The catalyst for this sudden reappraisal of my plans was my mom noticing an ad in the New York Times Education Supplement for this program at Harvard, which I looked into and decided would actually be a pretty good thing for me to do.  One of the things that’s holding me back from completely committing to urban planning as a career is that I don’t really have any experience with what it would actually be like, so I don’t know how much I would end up liking it.  The Harvard program would be a way to find out, at least to some extent.  It’s a little pricey, but not as bad as a lot of summer programs at elite schools (probably because it doesn’t offer credit), and my mom has offered to pay for it.  So I figure I’ll apply for it, and if I get in I’ll go.  It’ll provide a definite end point for my stay here, and a possible entry point for looking for jobs up in that area afterward.

I’m also thinking I’ll probably go on Birthright this summer.  I’ve been resistant to going for a long time, largely for political reasons, but at services last weekend I talked to a girl who went on it recently and from how she described it it didn’t sound so bad.  My mom’s been trying to get me to go for a long time, so it would make her happy if I went.  Plus, free trip.

Once I decided to do those two things, I realized that this is actually an ideal time to do a bunch of cool short-term stuff that I might not get the opportunity to do again.  I’ve thought about maybe doing an archaeological field school or something like that, and I’ve been looking around for other interesting things to do.  I could also just do some traveling on my own, I suppose, but what I’m mostly interested in are opportunities that combine doing something interesting with getting to know a group of people, which I’ve been realizing is a lot harder after college.  If anyone has any suggestions I’d be interested in hearing them.



  1. Hey, if you do end up at the GSD program this summer, let me know if you need help finding housing while you’re here. Most of my friends decamp for Europe in the summers, so there are lots of sublets to be had.

    Comment by Blume — February 7, 2008 @ 8:15 pm |Reply

  2. Thanks. There’s housing in the law school dorms, which I will probably use unless I can find a sublet that’s cheaper. I’ll keep you updated.

    Comment by teofilo — February 7, 2008 @ 9:13 pm |Reply

  3. I’ve actually been thinking that planning is something I might be interested in. Though specifically transportation planning might be where my main interests lie, rather than urban planning generally.

    Comment by eb — February 10, 2008 @ 4:06 pm |Reply

  4. Are you familiar with Cyburbia, eb? It’s a great resource. I’ve been pretty active in the forums there lately.

    Comment by teofilo — February 11, 2008 @ 9:57 pm |Reply

  5. I am now. Thanks.

    Comment by eb — February 14, 2008 @ 6:55 pm |Reply

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