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January 6, 2007

A Tale Of Two Saturday Nights

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Two weeks ago: I got an unexpected call from someone I hadn’t seen since high school, a friend of my sister’s.  It turned out she was in our neighborhood and was wondering if she could stop by.  I said that was fine, as my parents had gone to a Christmas party and it was just me and my sister at home.  When she showed up we talked for a while about various things (there was actually some stuff she had been meaning to ask me about), then we went out to eat.  She asked if we wanted to go with her to a party she’d been invited to, also in our neighborhood, that some of her co-workers were having.  She’s not a very social person, and she clearly didn’t really want to go alone.  My sister, who doesn’t like parties where she doesn’t know people, begged off, but I agreed to go.

The party was hosted by two women who may or may not have been a lesbian couple (it was really hard to tell).  Most of the other guests were either co-workers or roommates of same, with a few friends of the residents thrown in.  It was almost all women, and I’d never met any of them.

I had a blast.  I talked quite a bit to my sister’s friend, who seemed happy to have someone she could talk to and ignore the rest of the party, but I also talked to many of the other guests, who were interesting people and a lot of fun to be around.  A very nice night overall.

Last week: Record-breaking snow.  My sister and I went sledding that afternoon at a park near our house with a big hill, and we saw there some friends of mine from high school whom I hadn’t seen in years.  That night I went by their house and hung out for a while, then we went to the house of some other friends nearby (whom I also hadn’t seen in years).  After a while some still more high-school friends came by, and I got to see really a lot of people and reconnect a bit.  All men, many of whom had been among my closest friends.

It was a lot of fun, but I didn’t really talk much.  I mostly hung back the way I usually had in high school.  I was happy just to see them and find out what they were doing.

There’s a lesson here, relevant (though somewhat orthogonal) to some of my recent discussion of friendship.


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